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2016 Annual Report
Shaping the Future’s Growth. The main focus of the Company are to diversifying the business, strengthening the business segments, expanding target market as well as improving the human resources competence in order to establish a lean, efficient and productive organization.
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2015 Annual Report
Astra Otoparts at all times has taken the most appropriate measures and devised the best strategies to expand its market share and strengthen its market position. Currently the Company continues on adopting the long term strategy called LEAP, which stands for Leverage, Operational Excellent in All Aspect and Product Based.
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2014 Annual Report
Have the Passion, Make it Happen. We encourage our subsidiaries to continue to enhance their business processes and optimize their existing strengths for the sake of improving quality, efficiency, and productivity. Each subsidiary ought to have the same passion to achieve operational excellence and become an important contributor to the Company’s profitability.
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2013 Annual Report
“Together Stronger” is our chosen theme for 2013 annual report, to illustrate that every achievement of Astra Otoparts is the result of solid collaboration of all Astra Otoparts personnel, business partners, subsidiaries, and all stakeholders.
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2012 Annual Report
One Direction in Reaching the Vision is the appropriate theme to portray the growth strategy already and to be continuously implemented. Astra Otoparts would continue to grow and achieve its vision to be world class auto parts supplier, partner of choice in Indonesia with excellent engineering competence.
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2011 Annual Report
Expanding and strengthening is the theme to portray the growth strategy already and to be continuously implemented. astra otoparts would continue to grow and achieve its vision to be world class auto parts supplier, partner of choice in indonesia supported by excellence engineering capabilities
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2010 Annual Report
The theme of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk’s annual report this year underlines an important achievement in the Company’s existence that is its success to earn net profit of Rp 1.14 trillion. That is what the title “Reaching a New Height” or “Mencapai Ketinggian Baru” wants to describe.
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2009 Annual Report
The year 2009 needs a special anticipation, considering that the economic situation and the automotive market were projected to slide due to the impact of the global economic crisis. Based on such a gloomy projection, PT Astra Otoparts Tbk. (Astra Otoparts) relies more on two of its strengths to ensure its net income growth in 2009.
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2008 Annual Report
As a supplier of automotive components with the comparative advantage of having a variety of processes and products, PT Astra Otoparts Tbk believes that Indonesia has prospects as a ‘production base’, and the Company will move to prepare itself and be ready to seize market opportunities when the economy ultimately recovers.
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2007 Annual Report
In 2007, PT Astra Otoparts Tbk booked sales revenues of Rp 4.2 trillion, with total consolidated assets of Rp 3.5 trillion and a total of 22,586 employees by the end of 2007, including all subsidiary and associated companies.
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2006 Annual Report
As a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of automotive components, and a reputable group of companies servicing the domestic as well as the global market in partnership with strategic and synergistic partners, PT Astra Otoparts Tbk strives towards a position of leadership in automotive component manufacturing and distribution.
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