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Combined Brand Strength, Shell-Astra Launch Co-Branding Lubricants ^for Astra Authorized Workshops


PT Shell Indonesia and PT Astra Otoparts Tbk announced today their strategic partnership by launching co-branding lubricants to mark the synergy of two strenghts in dedicating premium benefits and value to their customers.

President Director of PT Astra International Tbk, Prijono Sugiarto; Vice President Commercial Fuels and Lubricants - Asia Pacific and Middle East - Shell Global Commercial, Goh Swee Chen; President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor, Hohnny Darmawan; President Director and Country Chairman of PT Shell Indonesia, Darwin Silalahi; President Director of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk, Siswanto Prawiroatmodjo; and Director and General Manager Commercial Fuels and Lubricants of PT Shell Indonesia, Dr. Johari Jalil launched symbolically Shell-Astra co-branding partnership in Jakarta, February 14, 2012.

"The launch of Shell-Astra co-branding lubricants for Astra Authorized Workshop networks aimed at building ad partnership on the basis of each other's brand strength and expertise", said Darwin Silalahi. He added that the partnership is a way to grow robust portfolio in delivering excellence in terms of products, values, and image.

Meanwhile President Director of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk, Siswanto Prawiroatmodjo in his speech said that, "The image of Astra's automotive business as the market leader in Indonesia would be an attraction and power to launch products related to atomotive. Astra Otoparts as the subsidiary of Astra which manufactures and markets automotive parts and its derivatife products can collaborate with PT Shell Indonesia to launch co-branded lubricant products that are formulated specifically for the Indonesia automotive market."

"The inaugural marketing of co-branded lubricants will use Astra Authorized Workshop networks which are widespread all over Indonesia. For Astra, a vast network will help a lot and deliver more value in the marketing of lubricant products of this co-branding", Siswanto added.

The Shell-Astra co-branding lubricant products launched are:
  1. Shell Helix AJ 10W-30 for Astra in 1 L and 4 L pack
  2. Shell Helix 10W-40 for Astra in 1 L and 4 L pack
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