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Go Green at Salak Mountain


On Saturday, June 2nd, 2012, afforestation has been held at Salak Mountain by Astra Otoparts, GS Battery, Wanadri, and Media Indonesia Group together to re-greening the environment of Salak Mountain that has been damaged by planting 2,000 Rasmala and Puspa trees.

This activity is a part of the Go Green Program of Astra Group with a target of planting 550,000 trees, attended by Siswanto Prawiratmodjo, Robby Sani, and Djangkep B. Santoso, the President Director and Director of Astra Otoparts; Gustav Husein and Sonny R. Pahlevi, the President Director and Director of GS Battery; Nova Paloh, CSR Executive of Media Indonesia; and members of Wanadri.

Through this Go Green activity, it is expected to once again preserving the environment of salak Mountain that is a part of the conservation area of Gunung Halimun Salak National Park and a climbing location for nature lovers.
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