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Astra Otoparts was Awarded SWA 100: Indonesia’s Best Public Companies ^2012


On June 14, 2012, at the Shangri-La Jakarta, PT Astra Otoparts Tbk was awarded SWA 100: Indonesia Best Public Companies in 2012 Based on WAI (Wealth Added Index) method, from SWA Magazine in cooperation with Stern & Co for the third times.

The award was given to the public companies that ranked as the Top 48 Wealth Added Index 2012. The ranking was carried out on 100 public companies with largest market capitalization value, using the WAI (Wealth Added Index) developed by Stern Stewart. WAI is a metrix used to measure company's wealth which was created to its shareholders.

The awarding purpose is as an appreciation for the companies that has given a positive values to its shareholders, and also encourage the creation of a conducive business climate through good public company performances.

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