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Ground Breaking Ceremony of New Factory of PT Nusa Keihin Indonesia


On September 19, 2011, PT Nusa Keihin Indonesia (NKI) held a ground breaking ceremony in MM2100, Jl. Selayar No. D7, Cibitung. The total of land area was 13,000 m2, which consists of 4,800 m2 factory area, 1,602 m2 office area, and 410 m2 supporting facilities.

The ground breaking ceremony event titled "Let's develop PT Nusa Keihin Indonesia with the spirit of Core Values" was attended by representatives of PT NKIís shareholders, i.e. the President Director of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk, Siswanto Prawiroatmodjo ; and President Director of Seimitshu Keihin Kogyo Co. Ltd., Tetsuro Komaba. It was also attended by the President Commissioner of PT NKI, Darmawan Widjaja ; Commissioner of PT NKI, Kazunari Komaba ; President Director of PT NKI, Djangkep Budhi Santoso as well as Director of PT NKI, Lay Agus.

In his speech, Siswanto Prawiroatmodjo hope that the establishment of the new NKI factory will bring technology transfer from KSK Japan in terms to make it better in the future. While in his speech, Tetsuro Komaba said that after entering the 15th year of establishment, NKI can eventually build its own factory, and he promised to transfer the technology owned by Keihin Seimitsu Co. Ltd. as well as new products for the improvement of PT Nusa Keihin Indonesia in the future.

Djangkep BS was explaining the future plant of PT NKI

The ground breaking ceremony of PT NKI was marked with the Siren ignition

Left Ė Right : Lay Agus, Director of PT NKI ; Kazunari Komaba, Commissioner of PT NKI ; Siswanto Prawiroatmodjo, President Director of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk ; Tetsuro Komaba, President Director of Keihin Seimitsu Kogyo Co. Ltd. ; Darmawan Widjaja, President Commissioner of PT NKI; Djangkep Budhi Santoso, President Director of PT NKI..

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