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PT Astra Otoparts Tbk Sales Rally Award 2009 "The Appreciation Event ^for Salesmen"


Sales Rally Award is PT Astra Otoparts Tbk (AOP) annual event that conducted for After Market business units, i.e. Astra Niaga Domestik and PT Astra Komponen Indonesia (ASKI). This event was organized by AOP Training & Education Center team, a part of Corporate HR in AOP.

Sales Award appreciation is to motivate the Sales Forces in advancing their performances and to stimulate continuous learning attitudes as well as to give motivation to AOP sales forces all over the country to be more enthusiastic in reaching their sales targets.

The Sales Rally Award 2009 summit was conducted at Balai Samudera, Kelapa Gading – Jakarta, on 12 August 2009. The preliminary two days continual events were “Training for Sales Supervisor”, “Plant Visit” and “Warehouse & Inventory Training” that went hand-in-hand with “Salesmen Contest”.

Based upon selection criteria, there were 12 finalists chosen from 76 nominators from more than 300 salesmen of all over Indonesia. Those 12 finalists were examined to get 4 champions, i.e. there should be 2 winners from Main Dealer Astra Niaga, and the other 2 from Main Dealer ASKI. The winners were:
  - Eko Tasmiyanto of PT Ardendi Jaya Sentosa – Bekasi, The Winner for Main Dealer  Astra Niaga
  - Suryadi Utomo of PT Ardendi Jaya Sentosa – Jember, The Winner for Main Dealer ASKI
  - Sugih of PT Ardendi Jaya Sentosa – Semarang, The Runner-up for Main Dealer Astra Niaga
  - Carl Lewis of PT Calispo Multi Utama – Medan, The Runner-up for Main Dealer ASKI

Those winners have been proven to have great sales performance records, have been joined in Sales Force Training for more than 1 year, and could get through selection of AOP Training & Education Center, therefore they deserve to have Rp 5 Million each for the first champions and Rp 3 Million each, for the runner-ups.

Meanwhile, in his opening speech, Dandy Soelip, AOP Marketing Director explained the important roles of Sales Force to expand the customer network and to give great services in the today's tight competition era. At the end, Dandy Soelip noted, “I hope that training's tools and equipments given by AOP Sales Force Training team should not only increase your general knowledge but can increase capabilities as well as selling and customer services skills and can be used to win the competition in your market area.”              

The current National Sales Rally Award event was even more wonderful by Project Pop entertainment, as well as motivation lecture given by management guru, Rhenald Kasali, under the topic of “Marketing in Crisis”. In his lecture, Rhenald Kasali described yet challenged the audiences to be able to manage crisis well, to anticipate changes as well as to increase performance with life-long learning attitudes and always being kept motivated.


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