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Astra Otoparts Product Achieved Automotive Choice Award 2012


Automotive Choice Award is an appreciation of Automotive tabloid granted to producers and distributors of aftermarket products and other complementary devices which have great influence on automotive growth in Indonesia. In 2012, it is the first time for this activity to carry out and GS Astra Accumulator was selected to receive Automotive Choice Award 2012 in November 13, 2012. In addition to GS Astra Accumulator, other products released by Astra Otoparts were also chosen for category four wheeler for Shock Breaker, namely KYB Shock Absorber.

In accommodating those products, Otomotif Choice Award 2012 is divided into three categories: general category, category two wheeler, and category four wheeler. General category encompasses products included into nominators comprising of apparel, car care, lubricant to fuel. In Category two wheeler and four wheeler, accessories and spare parts are taken into account. GS Astra Accumulator was selected for a couple of categories: two wheeler and four wheeler.

The assessment to determine the nominators for each category is based on five criteria, those are unique selling point, easy to get, education, price and userís testimony,Ē said Chairman of Otomotif Tabloid, M. Arief Adrianto.
Unique selling point is focused on the product itself, ranging from package, packet obtained when buying as well as diversity of types of the products. Easy to get has something to do with goods availability in the market. Education, on the other hand, is assessed on the basis of how the producer and distributor inform their product, ranging from diversity of activity or targeted promotion, targeted information in form of their ads, to educational campaign adhered to their products. Next, price component is taken as consideration for consumerís decision in making purchase. In addition, userís testimony plays significant role in selecting the nominators as it is consumers to directly receive the benefits of products used, such testimony may be sourced from club, community, modifier, repair shop, etc.

Thus, GS Astra Accumulator and KYB Shock Absorber thank to consumers, especially all Otomotif loyal readers.

Director of Astra Otoparts, Dandy Soelip, received Otomotif Choice Award for GS Astra battery

Director of Astra Otoparts, Dandy Soelip, received Otomotif Choice Award for KYB Shockabsorber
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