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1. Blood Donor

Astra Otoparts conducted a CSR’s Blood Donor Program to Community which targeted college students from both national and private universities, communities in Jabodetabek, as well as local communities around Astra Otoparts sales operation in West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java areas. During 2012, Astra Otoparts had collected around 7,683 blood ampoules.

2. Assistance for Astra Supervised Integrated Health Care Post (Posyandu)

Posyandu represents an activity as an effort to meet the basic needs and nutritional needs by utilizing public participation and provision of quality service. The participation of Astra Otoparts in improving public health particularly for mothers and children and to decrease the death rate of mothers and toddlers which is realized in supervising the Posyandu activity in vicinity of Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. In May 2012, the Company donated some facilities such as weighing scale, tables, and chairs and also the chairs for visitors.

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